This tool seeks to encompass multiple established certifications that have set the standard for agricultural practices, which promote the health and well- being of producers,  consumers, and the Earth. Uniquely adapted to the Chicago urban agriculture context, AUA seeks to approach ‘good practices’ holistically from the standpoint of food safety, grower safety, conservation and the implied social impacts of urban farms and community gardens, with the goal of harm prevention in mind.   All responses are kept confidential.    


The goal of the checklist is to guide farm businesses towards having the greatest impact to shift our food system to one that is locally based, economically viable, and mutually supportive of farmers and community.  

You are an Educational Farm

There are 5 sections involved with this assessment:


  • Food Safety
  • Water Safety & Sustainability
  • Soil Safety & Sustainability
  • Gardener Safety
  • Education & Relationships

Food Safety

Water Safety

Soil Safety

Farmer Safety & Labor Practices

Relationships & Education

Each Section will be further divided into 1-4 areas of focus per section.


The entire checklist will take approximately 50 minutes to complete. You can also choose to complete one a section at a time and your results will be saved if you have created a profile.  Guest users will receive results immediately but  they will not be saved for future reference.